Allpress Coffee Served

The Front Room Cafe sampled a range of coffee from respected roasteries before we settled upon Allpress Coffee as our preferred supplier. We serve their Redchurch Blend which comprises of four beans from Brasil, Columbia, Guatemala and Sumatra. We think the taste of Allpress Coffee is amazing and hope that you do too.

allpress coffee served at the front room cafe

Allpress Coffee

Redchurch is the Allpress signature espresso blend which is a medium roast. The Brasil Santa Alina adds the sweetness and gives the coffee a syrupy body which you will detect as a sugar cane and caramel sweetness. The Sumatra Mandheling, which are semi washed, provides spice and cocoa. The Guatemala Huehuetenango and Columbia Pescador beans are grown higher up so they add a fresh clean acidity.

About the Allpress Coffee Company

Officially known as Allpress Espresso, this business started in New Zealand, a country recognised for their coffee expertise. The year was 1986 and the founder was Michael Allpress who just loved Italian espresso and decided to sell it to the people of Auckland from a coffee cart. He then started sourcing his own beans and things really took off when he partnered with his friend and Australian restauranteur, Tony Papas. Tony brought the business to the UK where he opened up the Shoreditch Roastery.

Allpress take the sourcing of their beans seriously and work with small farms, estates and co-ops that are sustainably managed and have a high standard of agricultural knowledge. They work directly with the growers to ensure they are fully aware of their practices and farming methods. The result is amazing tasting coffee which we think is just that much better than the rest!

Allpress Coffee Drinks Served

At The Front Room Cafe we serve the following coffee;

• Flat White
• Cappuccino
• Café Latte
• Americano
• Macchiato
• Espresso
• Café Mocha

Double shots are available on request and so is ice. Enjoy!